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Some answers to questions frequently asked by internet users surfing on the portal limitesmaritimes.gouv.fr :

The French national portal of maritime limits, created by Article 16 of Order No 2016-1687 of 8 December 2016, aims to the consultation and the diffusion of the official elements which are used to delineate the maritime spaces under sovereignty or jurisdiction of France, particularly the legal references and digital data.
Decree No 2017-821 of 5 May 2017 gave its design and implementation to Shom, the national hydrographic office.

Digital data of maritime boundaries disseminated on the portal are derived from Shom calculations or digitisation of maritime boundary agreements or the decisions of international legal bodies. They are only disseminated when these elements enter into force in French legislation. This digital data is then used to update the French maritime boundaries shown on Shom nautical  charts. Digital data and the nautical charts therefore represent the same information on maritime boundaries.

In any case, when elements enter into force on new maritime boundaries, the update time required for nautical charts is longer than for the digital product. During this time, the information shown on the updated digital product and on current nautical charts may differ. Once all updates to nautical documents and data are effective, there will no longer be a difference.

The portions of maritime boundaries which are not represented by lines correspond to situations where there is neither agreement with neighbouring States nor official publication of limits claimed by France by decree or on a nautical chart. It can also mean that negotiations are in progress with the related States.

Are broadcast in the product maritime limits and boundaries which have been published by a decree of the French Republic. The limits which have not been published by decree but which are already represented on nautical charts are also broadcast. The outer limits of the territorial sea or the contiguous zone which are not in the digital product are being computed by Shom or are waiting for being published by decree.

Directive INSPIRE (2007/2/CE) of 14 May 2007, developed by the Directorate-General for Environment of the European Commission, aims to establish in Europe a geographical-data infrastructure to insure interoperability between databases and to facilitate broadcast, availability, use and reuse of geographical information in Europe. Directive INSPIRE applies to digital geographical data owned by public authorities. It does not require to collect new data, but to make existing data available in compliance with consistent technical standards. In order to conform to the directive requirements, Shom has implemented a platform to broadcast reference coastal and marine geographical information. This platform data.shom.fr is reachable from the page Interactive chart of the portal limitesmaritimes.gouv.fr.

Thanks to this license, users can operate the data without paying fees subject to a Share-Alike license. As soon as the data is integrated in a derivative work that is shared, this must be freely shared under the same CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

All data available on the site is free: SHP, FLUX, PDF maps.

Downloadable maps: The date is mentioned at the bottom of the PDF map.

Data in tables:  The update is listed at the top right of each table.

Shape (SHP):  In the recovered folder there is a PDF Description_ product_maritime_boundary_date  The date data was updated is located on the first page of the PDF.